Crossing Bridges and its founder Jan Hanvik are honored to have been named by the P’urépecha people of Michoacán State in western Mexico as the organism by which individual artists, independent artistic groups, and university arts and cultural programs may register for an immersive experience living with the P’urépecha people in their Pantzingo Ecotourism Park.  Interested individuals, groups, university departments, and others should email their inquiries directly to while this program is being developed.  An an interview with a P’urépecha Committee member, Hanvik was told that the only restriction they wished to put on visitors was that “no bad people” could participate in the residency.  When pressed for a specific definition, the committee member stated that specifically this referred to visitors who had given alcohol to children of the community.  But it should be recalled by applicants that “no bad people” could refer to any number of maladies that visitors could bring to the community – arrogance, deceitfulness, pretentiousness, falsity, thievery, judging, bullying, misogny, sexism, ostentation, superiority, or any other maladies generally accepted to weaken community.